Couples Sessions

“A relationship is the most powerful vehicle for undertaking a spiritual journey towards your life’s purpose.”

After being trained as an Advanced Practitioner in Core Energetics, I pursued a two year training program in Exceptional Relationship Mentoring with Brian & Marcia Gleason, ACCEP, LCSW. This embodied and experiential training allows for a radically different and dynamic approach to supporting couples and relationships of all kinds.

When I work with couples and relationships, the individuals are not my client. My responsibility lies with the relationship and my intention is to serve.

A “couples” session is not just for those in an intimate relationship. I also support parents & children, close friends, colleagues and business partners. I welcome and celebrate all forms of relationships including LGBTQ+ and poly-amorous. Anyone who wants to invest in a relationship that really matters to them can benefit from couples work.

In a couples session there will often be even more time spent working with active listening skills and unpacking communication struggles and usually making a safe space for the couple to explore places that they have often felt unable or unwilling to face in other circumstances. Once again, my focus is to follow the relationship that is co-created by both people, to allow for curiosity and compassion and invite them into an experiential process that honours not just the mind, and the words, but also the bodies, the expression and the feelings. I invite couples to explore the principles of risking 100% responsibility for their lives and for what they create together as a tool to let go of blame, shame, guilt and judgement, which can often be paralysing. Couples work requires a lot of courage but the benefits to bringing deeper levels of consciousness and learning how to get unstuck from repetitive struggles is absolutely touching and worth it.

Please contact me anytime at 514-609-5969 or by email at [email protected] with questions or to reserve your first couples or relationship session.