Discounted price available until March 19, 2021.


Core Energetics Workshop

with Aidan Fisher, ACCEP

Friday evening and Saturday
March 26 & 27, 2021

"Come live deep experiences, directly connected to spiritual teachings
that are the essence of Core Energetics. "

Discover Core Energetics, an approach that uses techniques from Bioenergetics co-created by Dr. Alexander Lowen and Dr. John Pierrakos, while drawing inspiration from spiritual principles of the Pathwork. Core Energetics is a complete approach that can help open your heart and realign with the best of yourself.

The journey taken in Core Energetics is principally one of consciousness and exploring the powerful relationship between energy & consciousness. During this weekend workshop participants will be offered a combination of dynamic experiences and learning opportunities to help in understanding how blocked energy affects our blocked consciousness, on an emotional, physical, mental, evolutionary and spiritual level.

We will explore and experience:
  • How energy flows and blocks in our being. 
  • How connection to our bodies, emotions, mind and spirit affects our energy flow and our consciousness.
  • Charge and Discharge, the impact of energetic expansion and contraction.
  • Energy in relationship with others, how to notice it, reclaim it and change how we are affected from taking, draining and disconnected energies.
  • Using energy to open and restore the heart.
  • And much more..
Who should participate?
You may have experience with Core Energetics or you may be new to the approach.  This weekend is for anyone, at any point in their journey who is ready to take another big step in their personal evolution. Discover powerful energetic techniques that can open you to your life force and allow for discoveries that support transformation in your life.

**Special Offer: $50 off group process in April, 2021
Beyond the reduced price for this introduction workshop, each participant will receive a credit of $50 towards participating in a virtual or in person group process in April, 2021. Participants will have 14 days to use this credit.

Virtual Workshop: Because of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and to allow greater access to this workshop, we will be holding it Virtually using ZOOM.  For this  you will need:
  • A reliable internet connection that can support using Zoom.
  • A closed room.
Also helpful but not obligatory:
  • A few pillows, some soft if possible
  • A bed, mattress, or couch that you can move on.
  • Headphones to help with creating an intimate environment
  • A towel or sheet
  • A space where you feel able to make sounds, express feelings
If you have any questions, please call Aidan Fisher at (514) 609-5969.

The details:
  • Cost: $175 + taxes ($201.21) – PLEASE PAY IN THE CURRENCY OF YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. Thank you.
  • Pre-payment price: $150 + taxes ($172.46) if payed by March 19th, 2021.
  • Location:  over the internet using ZOOM.
  • Language: Bilingual (English and French) with simoultaneous translation.
  • Dates: Friday night (6:30-9:30 PM EST), and Saturday (10 AM – 5 PM EST), March 26 & 27, 2021.
  • Entry interview required.
Please note:  There will be no refunds after Friday, March 19th, 2021.  Thank you very much for your understanding. 
To reserve your spot in the workshop and book your entry interview, contact Aidan Fisher at (514) 609-5969 or via email at .